Department of Corrections

Mission Statement

The Okaloosa County Department of Corrections ensures public safety by providing secure and cost-efficient care, custody and control of  pretrial and post-conviction inmates in a clean and safe environment. We ensure that inmates are available for court and that the sentencing requirements imposed by the courts are satisfied.

Vision Statement

In the coming years the Okaloosa County Department of Corrections anticipates an increased jail population proportionate to the projected population growth of the County. The Department of Corrections will respond to this challenge by:

1. Fostering ongoing cooperation among members of the Criminal Justice Community and the Pubic Safety Coordinating Council to more efficiently manage the jail population.

2. Employing up-to-date technology and implementing best practices learning through professional organizations and networking with other jurisdictions. 

Operational Philosophy

We believe in being helpful, reliable, open, honest, accessible, responsive, and well informed. We are problem solvers who believe in teamwork and personal commitment and who pay particular attention to cost-effectiveness and fiscal responsibility. We have respect and appreciation for the public and are dedicated to preserving their dignity and providing the highest quality services to all who live in and visit our community.